ProtonVPN the best VPN Service

 · 2 mins read

What makes a great VPN service to a great VPN Service you may ask yourself when tring to find a really great one. For me there are some thinks to consider in order to find the best service some of them are:

  • Can I trust the provider?
  • Speed
  • Logging of user activity
  • A great client software
  • And of course security

So know lets go through this points and find out why I think ProtonVPN will be the best VPN service and the last one I will ever use.

  1. Trust: First of ProtonVPN is maintained by the ProtonVPN AG in Switzerland this company beelongs too the team behind Protonmail the makes of the worlds lagest secure e-mail provider. So can you trust them? I would say yes defently you can.
  2. Speed: I tested their secure core servers and also their normal servers and I easly got arround 40 mb/s down and 2 mb/s to put this into perspective my home intnet speeds are 50 mb/s down and 2 mb/s up.
  1. Logging of user activies: ProtonVPN on its policy side says the Following: “ProtonVPN respects its users’ privacy and enforces a No Logs policy” this means that they keep no logs what their users are doing, they only keep a timestamp when you connected too a server, but not when you disconnected. And this timestamp is only for the most recent connection.
  2. A great client software: I haven’t been able to test this out really, because I am a mac user I can’t use their native windows software. The MacOS and iOS and Android clients are still in development.
  3. Security: ProtonVPN uses the OpenVPN protocol, it is the most secure VPN procotol currently in exisitance. Some additional nice features:

Secure Core: Secure Core routes your traffic through multiple servers 2 to be exact to get you a more secure expirence. A Tor VPN Server: Why would you need a VPN too connect too the Tor network you may ask yourself? First off its much easyer too setup. And second you can use the .ovpn config file with your router if it supports it and have your traffice routet trought Tor automatically. ISP: The ProtonVPN AG is even their own ISP when it comes to heir Secure Core servers. There is the statement from ProtonMail on reddit that confirms this: “The Internet Service Provider is ProtonVPN AG (yes, we did set up our own ISP to operate secure core).”