My initial thoughts about the Switch

 · 1 min read

I have been able to play around with the Nintendo Switch for some time now. And I have to say I am really really happy with it. I know a lot of persons complain about the size of the Joy Cons and that the charging grip is not included in the package.

But for me both of these are no real problem. First off the Joy Cons have around 20 hours of battery life so the console it self will have long run out of battery before they die. But more important I have mine docked every evening so I can charge them by sliding them into the console. Next is the comes the size of the Joy Cons. For me when using the with the Joy Con Grid they have to perfect size I can use the right joy stick perfectly. But when I plug them into the console the right control stick is a pain to use. But again I am using the Grid so this problem does not affect me personally that much. The only real problem is that the dock may starch the display of the switch, thats why I figured out a smart way to protect it, I know its not really elegant but it works 😀 :

So let me give you a conclusion would I buy the switch again? Yes I would. I think its the perfect console for me. I can take it with me when I want to or play at home using my amazing 4k television.