I bought a Apple Watch, and why I like it more then my Android Wear watch.

 · 1 min read

Some days ago I bought a Apple Watch series 2. But why did I bought it? Well first of I recently made the switch from team Android to team iOS. But thats not the only reason.

First of I think that the apple watch and WatchOS is just the more „robust“ operating system for an smart watch. Believe me I know what I am talking about I had an Huawei watch before and before that a Samsung Gear and before that a Sony Smart Watch 2. So I think I am able to compare these two worlds. The digital crown on the apple watch makes it really easy to scroll through my twitter feed, or scroll trough all the notifications I got. But also little thinks like 3D touch make it easy to dismiss all notifications with one firmly press tap. So in the end I am really really happy with my desicion to buy an apple watch its battery easly lasts two days for me. So should you buy one? I would say go for it if you are a apple fan in your heard.