1Blocker is the best Adblocker for iOS

 · 1 min read

Are you looking for a great ad blocker on iOS? But why should you even consider using one in the first place?

Ad blockers not only keep you “safe” from ad’s but also prevent bad ad’s that contain meliculius code. Some websites in the beloved internet are clustered with advertisements that you can even find the information you are looking for. Thats why I love my ad blocker. Since the past decade of having an Android phone I was never able to use an ad blocker because Google simple does not allow it. But now with my new beloved iPhone I can simply download an app like 1Blocker and set it up as a content blocker. But there are more thinks 1Blocker can do besides blocking advertisings. It also blocks tracking and if you want social buttons from Twitter, Facebook…. and you can even block adult sides (So your kids can’t open them with your iPad/their iPad). And when you are in safari and their is a element of a page that annoys you, you can simply use the element hiding function to hide it.

The only downside is that you will have to turn over 4,99$ in order to use the app. But I think its just worth it. And supporting the developer is always a good think 😉