Selfhosting a RSS reader

Before I started self hosting my own RSS reader I used Inoreader. It is a payed service that will fetch your news every 5 minutes and display them too you in a beautiful app. But why should I stop using such an amazing service and start self hosting this? Doesn’t this only make my live more difficult? Actually it gives me a lot more freedom when self hosting this kind of service. Because I can for example automatically let Miniflux download the full article content. This then makes the reading using a third party app super awesome. And of course your data stays on your server. Oh and when talking about data, I would highly recommend that you use a mysql database with Miniflux, because you don’t want to have a sqlite .db file laying around openly accessible on your web server. Maybe protecting the hole installation using an .htaccess is also a good idea. But hey, you safe a lot of money and get full text RSS feeds. And you can set the intervals at which the feeds are checked configure yourself by setting up a cronjob. I even created some rules myself for some websites I read you can find them here: If you need more information about Miniflux head over tot heir homepage:

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