Why Apps like Travipay are the future of parking

Yesterday, I was in the city with a good friend of mine. We both had no coins with us so buying a parking ticket was impossible as you can image. So what did we do? Go arround and ask the local shops if they could change a 5 Euro money bill? Well we tried last time and most of them where quite unfriendly and said they won’t even do it if we would by somethink store policy and so on… . So in advance to our trip I downlaod a app called TraviPay with that you can buy parking tickets in supported citys. And I have to say it was quite strait forward. After opeing the app it checks where you are and preselects the correct parking spot for you. When that is done you simply say how long you want to park for example 15 minutes and enter your license plate and pay by credit card. But now comes the best feature at least in my opionion. They will send you a push notification when your parking time is going to end, so if you like we were still on the go you can simply renew your parking time for maybe 15 minutes because you know you will be back by then. This is not just convient and super fast its also super easy to use. And makes the life without cash just a little more possible even in a cash country like Germany. One last thought I wanted to note here, is that 0,96 Euro for 15 Minutes of parking is just ridiculousl, but hey thats Germany.

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