What I love about pCloud

Hi their,

when most of us think about could storage providers we think about Google Drive and Dropbox and maybe Box. And now let me explain to you why I swiched from google drive to pCloud and what I love so much about the service. First off pCloud has the best priving available for 7,99 a month you get 2 TB of storage. For example with google drive and dropbox you pay 9,99 for 1 TB that more exansive and also offers less storage. But the magic doesn’t stop on the pricing side of thinks. You can upload .zip files and extract them in the cloud and also create upload links so that your friends can upload files directly into your cloud folder. And even if you want to protect your privcy they offer a feature called “crypto” it encrypts all your data locally with 256 bit aes encryption, so it is save and no one can see what you have stored. But this will cost you 3,99 extra a month. But still if you have a high need for privacy theese 3,99 are a great investment. Especially because the feature is build into their mobile and desktop apps. But what is more important to mee, is that with their desktop client you don’t need to download the files you have stored. You get a virtuel harddrive, and by accessing this you can get your files (they are then downloaded from your servers and opened. And saving files works the same way. And in my tests there is no dalay to open word documents.


So if you want to give pCloud a try you can do so by heading over here: http://pcloud.com/

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