How I created my own Plex media server in the cloud

Hi their,

do you know Plex media server? If not its a really great way to get your media (photos, movies, series, videos and music) organized. And its really really easy to set up.

What you will need to create this project for yourself:

  • A pCloud acccount
  • A Digitalocean account
  • An SSH client (Terminal for Mac or Putty)

First off you are going to need a Digitalocean account, we are going to use the 5 dollar droplet for this project. This “server” has 512mb of ram and 1 cpu core, you also get 1 TB of network traffic. So first create a droplet. You should use the Ubuntu 16.04.x Operating system. Then you are going to choose the 5 dollar droplet size. You don’t need to add any volume blocks but have to choose a region, choose the one neerest too you. And finllay give your droplet a name like plex-media-server or so. After 30 seconds your droplet should be ready to go. To find the administrative root login password please have a look into your e-mails.

To logg into your server using ssh open the Terminal app on your mac and type ssh root@yourserversip then type yes to accept the fingerprint of your server and then just paste into the password you recived via e-mail. You then need to change the password so please use a secure password. After this you are going to update the packages using apt-get update and after that apt-get upgrade -y now we are going to install the pCloud ssh client. But before we can do this we need to install some dependencies and packages that we are going to use. Tpye apt-get install cmake zlib1g-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-program-options-dev libpthread-stubs0-dev libfuse-dev screen to get started. then you need to download the pcloud console client from here and upload it using an sftp client. After that use cd /the/directory/you/uploaed/it/too and then dpkg -i pcloudcc_2.0.1-1_amd64.deb to install the package. After that you need to sign in to your pCloud account using the screen -S pCloud pcloudcc -u -p -s  -m /home/pcloud to connect to your account. Now all that is left to do is to install the plex media server. So now you would need to download and install plex so head over to the download page and then select download and chose the Linux and then Ubuntu 64bit. After that copy the link from the download file and then download it by using wget thelinkhere after that just type dpkg -i plexmediaserver* to insall the package. After that you will need to type exit into your terminal to close the connection. And then use the ssh -L 32400: root@youriphere after that you can open in your local brower to configure your Plex media server. All that is now left to do is to add a libary and use the /home/pcloud/yourmediafolder as a source.

Please note that your instance only has 1 TB of traffic a month and that his will be used quite fast when you use your Plex cloud server a lot.

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