Why I switched from Gmail to Protonmail

Hi their,

have you ever been wondering why Gmail is one of the mostly trusted and used email services in the world? The answear is very simple, it’s free and offers some of the best anti spam filters I personaly have ever seen on an email service, also its very reliebly. And you get 15 GB  of free space which is well enough of storage space for a lifetime of e-mails. But why can google offer you this much space and a really relible e-mail service for free? Because they analyse your data too sell advertisements that are personalized too you. So why is Protonmail a solution to your #privacy neds? First off Protonmail is a swiss based e-mail service. They are even their own ISP so they don’t use a unsecure ISP that could spy on their email traffic. When you signup for their service, a pgp private key is generated for your account that is then encryted with your account login and securly stored on their servers. So they can’t read your emails because the private key is encryted with your password. So when someone how does not use Protonmail sends you a message this message is stored encryted onto their server (it gets encryted using your public key). But their great service doesn’t stop their, they have really great spam filters and you can also create custom rules and automatically apply tags to your e-mails. But they also offer a really really nice design for their web and android/ios clients. Here is a image of the webclient so that you can get an impression of its design:


They offer both free and paid plans, but if you want to give it a try I would recommend starting with a free plan and then if you need more then 500mb of space or a custom domain upgrade to a payed plan. Iam personally a Protonmail Plus user, because I want to support them.

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