Why I preorderd the Nintendo Switch

Hi their,

you are probably asking yourself why should I buy a Nintendo Switch in the first place? And how did this guy managed to get one? Because they are out of stock everywehre. Well those are just two questions Iam going to anwear too you. But lets begin in a simple way. I am now going to tell you how I even got one. I was sitting in a German class I think when I got the push notification that the Switch is up for preorder at Amazon. So I went right away and added one to my checkout basked. But I wasn’t sure if I should by one because the launch lineup wasn’t that grade. But then when I sad in the bus on my way home I finally decided to order it because of the new Zelda Breath of the Wild. And luckly because it was still in my checkout basked I was able to successful order it.

So know let me explain to you some of the reasons beside the new Zelda game I thought about when ordering the system. This “new” kind of hardware is truly unece on the marked at this time. And the big advantage at least for me is that I can take it with me too school and play Zelda in my free lessons or on the way home. Some people now might argue that this kind of system is not powerfull enough in today time. But thats not really true after all its a protable device and you can’t put a highly clocked AMD chip inside a protable device, that would just consume too much battery and produce so much heat that it would be unpleasant to hold. And also Nintendo has never been a company to make high class hardware machines. No they make really really cute games and that is what I love about them. But one of the most interesting features of the Switch for me are the Joycons these tiny controlers that you can remove from the handheld too play when them with your friends or just hold them in your hand and let the tablet sand on the table using its build in kickstand. Here is a image of the joycons:

So in my conclusion this is going to be a great system with some great games like Super Mario Odyssey. Once I get my hands on my preorderd Switch, I will let you know how hopefully awesome it is.


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