Why are school time tables bad?

Hi their,

2 day ago I got my new school time table. And it is really really bad. I have from 07:15 am till 4:50pm every day. And inbetween that I have a huge lot of free lessons. I fan fully understand that it is complicated to create a good time table that makes everyone happy. But still this is not aceptable. How can you as a student be fully awake and ready for the lesson at 7:15 am when you have to stand up at 5 am and go to sleep at 11 pm. Because you get a huge lot of homework that has to be done? But when you try to talk too your teachers they say yes we can understand that, but we have to give you homework. And these homework do normaly requier one hour or maybe 30 minutes to be done. That still is a huge lot of time. And I am not sure, if everyone wants to invest this time after a long and exausting school day. When the only think you want to do is just relax, and watch television or play some games on your good old GameCube.

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